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Congo Safari Guide, Congo Safari Planner : Congo Gorilla Safaris.

Congo Gorilla safaris is your custom congo gorilla trekking safari planning tool for authentic, packing list for an intimate safari experiences in the wilderness with either the mountain gorillas or the eastern lowland gorillas, bonobos in Congo , the Safari planners section for Primate Safari Experiences starts with offering you updates information about the gorillas in Congo, gorilla permits and discount promotional offers for great adventurous travelers in Africa.

Planning an African gorilla safari holiday can leave you wallowing in logistics like a hippo in mud while on the shoes of lake Edward and lake George. Will you opt for the Gorilla trekking in Kahuzi biega national park for the eastern lowland gorillas , Virunga National Park for the mountain gorillas  or in bwindi impenetrable forest national park and big game of the Serengeti national park.

East Africa & Central Africa Safaris

An east Africa & Central Africa safari really is the experience of a lifetime as it has the most adventurous things to do like Gorilla trekking , Nyiragongo climbing and lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary visit. Africa holds a world of possibility for anyone hoping to search out the Big Five in the wild and primates like the gorillas, chimpanzee and other small apes. There is a handful of world-class wildlife destinations scattered across central and East Africa, so there really is the perfect Africa safari out there for every kind of traveler, whether you’ve got a young family in tow or you’re simply young at heart.

Here’s a handy overview of Central and East African safaris that we’ve put together using a whole decade of our expert knowledge. Hopefully, it will help you get one crucial step closer to your very own African adventure.

Top Destinations to Visit: Congo National Parks to Explore

Before we get started, it will help if our team of experts knows a bit of information about your general plans for travel to Central Africa. For example,in DR Congo some Tourists destinations are closed for some time till they are opened again and in case this happens Primate Safari Experiences makes a suggestion for you for the alternative Safari places . Africa Gorilla Trekking tours are only done by Adults from the age of 15 Years, Bonobo Trekking in Congo .And if you just want to explore, feel free to skip the questions and you’ll view all African safari options.

Kundelungu National Park Congo

Kundelungu National Park

All Congo wildlife safari tours will lead you to Kundelungu National Park where you can spot the big five to make a ultimate Wildlife safari tour in Africa with Congo Gorilla Safaris the top Safari company.

Upemba National Park Congo

Wildlife in Uganda

Upemba National park is the top wildlife safari destination with in Congo located near Lubumbashi Congo.  Book Congo Wildlife Safari tour and Find interesting wildlife spotting with Congo Gorilla safaris.

Kahuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park

Planning to visit Eastern lowland gorillas in Africa? They are only found in Kahuzi Biega Congo and Congo gorilla safaris offers special Gorilla tours to visit the Apes in Congo on Congo Safari.

Maiko National Park Congo

Mional National Park CongoMaiko National Park is located in the DR Congo offering remarkable Wildlife Adventures and Gorilla Trekking Tours in DR Congo.

Salonga National Park Congo

Salonga National ParkExplore Salonga National Park , the Largest forest national park in Africa and larger than Belgium known for wildlife safaris.

Virunga National Park Congo

Virunga National ParkDreaming of Mountain Gorilla trekking in Africa, select to visit Mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park as they are the cheapest option available for primate Safaris and Congo gorilla Safaris offers Virunga Tours.

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