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Garamba National Park- Wildlife Safaris to Congo

Garamba National Park is located in the northeastern part of Democratic Republic of the Congo and  was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980. It was labelled a site in danger in 1980, removed in 1991, but regained the status in 1996 due to poaching and a fall in rhino numbers.

Location of Garamba National Park

It borders South Sudan and is part of the Sudano–Guinean savanna zone. The park is one of Africa’s oldest protected areas.  These two bio geographic zones support a variety of wildlife, which have experienced population declines in recent decades because of poaching. Garamba National Park has been managed by the nonprofit conservation organization African Parks as part of a partnership with the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN), since 2005

Attractions in Garamba National Park

Like all Congo wildlife national park ( Okapi Wildlife Reserve , Upemba National Park & Salonga National Park) , Garamba was home to the world’s last known wild population of northern white rhinos, but it has suffered greatly from Congo’s decades-long civil war, with heavy poaching and 50,000 refugees fleeing from Sudan into the park. The last white rhinos were likely killed by poachers by 2008, and the species is expected to be announced extinct within the next few years.

Rhino-less, the park remains one of the last true wilderness areas of Africa, and its jungles and savannah remain true wonders to be beheld.

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