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Okapi wildlife Reserve

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Okapi Wildlife Reserve Congo

Okapi Wildlife Reserve – Watching the Okapi in Congo : Congo gorilla Safaris.

Congo gorilla safaris presents you an updated guide about okapi wildlife reserve is democratic republic of congo which is the only destination for watching the rare and endemic okapi and peacock while on a Congo Safari tour. Find the most reliable information like how to get to okapi, when is the best time to visit and what is the best safari time to explore Okapi, life style of Okapi Congo and the local community near the Okapi conservation Project.

Congo gorilla Safaris offers the authentic tourism attractions to okapi, what genuine reason do you have for not visiting this wonderful destination, the home for the Okapi in the entire world in Democratic republic of congo.

Location of Okapi Wildlife Reserve

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve Head Quarter is around 300m from the town of Epulu. The park has an Okapi breeding program and there are around 20 captive Okapi’s in the park.

Okapi Wildlife Reserve Congo
Congo the only destination for okapi Watching in Africa.

Okapi Wildlife Reserve is located in the northern Eastern part of Democratic republic of congo and its among the top safari extension destination for Wildlife Safaris after Gorilla trekking in Congo or gorilla trekking in Gabon as compared to Upemba National park, Salonga national park which are abit hard to access and explore in Congo .

Okapi Wildlife Reserve was established in 1992 and was added in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1996. if planning for a wildlife safari to congo then Okapi wildlife reserve is a must visit as it covers an area of 14,000 square Kilometers (representing one-fifth of the area covered by Ituri Forest). The main reason for gazetting the magnificent Forest Reserve was to conserve/preserve the Endangered Okapi, and currently there estimated number stands at 5000 of the estimated 30,000 Okapi in the wild.

These mysterious mammal species are only found in the Democratic Republic of Congo and looks to be half zebra, but as a matter of fact, they are the only relatives to the giraffes.The Okapi Wildlife Reserve is a World Heritage Site in the Ituri Forest in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, near the borders with South Sudan and Uganda. At approximately 14,000 km², it covers approximately one-fifth of the area of the forest.

Besides the okapi that are popular in Okapi wildlife Reserve, there are other attractions to explore in the wilderness of okapi while on congo Safari tour with Congo gorilla safaris, including the chances to view big five , the forest elephants, 17 resident primate species including the Chimpanzees and Anubis baboon, water chevrotain, Giant ground pangolin,buffaloes, Bongo Antelopes,  leopards, African golden cats which chance to explore the difference between the Bonobos Congo and Chimpanzees in Africa.

All the interesting attractions in okapi can be visited with an expert guide from Congo gorilla Safaris the most reliable safari company that is offering tours in Democratic republic of congo , Republic of congo and Gabon for central Africa Countries and Uganda, Rwanda for East Africa Tours.

Accommodation in Okapi Wildlife Reserve

In Okapi wildlife reserve , there is no modern Safari lodges or hotels but there are basic camping facilities situated on the Epulu river and where safaris for okapi start from , select the best Okapi Safari holiday in democratic republic of congo with destination experts of Congo gorilla Safaris.

When is the best time to Visit Okapi Wildlife Reserve in Congo.

As its well known that Okapi Wildlife Reserve is located in the North Eastern Congo with the nearest town being Beni, Flights are available at domestic level and the climatic condition of beni is among the topical ones of Congo as its near the Equator line compared to Kahuzi biega National Park in Eastern Congo and the area is a wettest area, receiving a mean annual rainfall of up to 1700mm, mostly during March-May and September-November. The climate is generally pleasant with a mean annual temperature range of 14-27oC. Temperatures are highest (and rainfall lower) in the south where the terrain drops down onto the hot rift valley floor and forest gives way to open grassland.

Dry Season: June to September is the driest time and temperatures average 80°F (25°C) when most animals remain near water, but be prepared for afternoon thunderstorms at any time. The hot dry time is January to February and is a good time to visit to visit Okapi wildlife Reserve Congo.

Rainy Season: It rains anytime from October to December and March to May when many roads become become challenging to use and for that reason its why Congo safaris tailored by Congo gorilla Safaris are done in 4×4 Safari Jeeps due to the climatic condition of the area check for the 8 days Congo Gorilla Trekking & Okapi Watching trip that is advertised by the Team of Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions.

How to Get to Okapi Wildlife Reserve .

As its well known that democratic republic of congo has the ultimate safari holidays in Congo , visiting to okapi is among the top safari destinations where it can be accessed through various routes . travelers planning to use road transport , should be aware that they will cross from Congo to Rwanda and then connect to Uganda drive through Queen elizabeth national park then connect to Benni. But we should only recommend flight .

This Park can be accessed through road and air transport. After landing at Goma International airport, domestic chartered flights .

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