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DR Congo Tourist Visa for Travelers , Congo Safari

Planning  to visit democratic republic of congo as a tourists for either mountain gorillas in virunga national park or eastern lowland gorilla tours in kahuzi biega national park? All travelers planning to visit congo are required to secure the gorilla permits and congo visa in advance to have it at a reduced cost.

We have two types of visas.

Congo Tourists Visa, costing USD 150 Per person.

. If your a traveler that is wishing to visit congo for gorilla Trekking , one to obtain the congo tourists visa will have to make a deposit on the accommodation or the safari activity.

You must first purchase a mountain gorilla trek permit, Eastern lowland gorilla permit, a Nyiragongo trek permit, or book and pay for accommodation at the Mikeno Lodge.

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  • Eastern lowland gorilla trek ›
  • Nyiragongo Volcano Trek ›
  • Chimpanzee Tracking ›
  • Mikeno Lodge ›

Treks or accommodation linked with the purchase of a tourist visa through Congo gorilla safaris are non-refundable.

Border Travel Visa. if the traveler wishes to obtain the visa at the border when entering congo be ware that its expensive costing USD 300 and its not a must to be obtained at the border.

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