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1 Day Gorilla Trek Kahuzi Biega National park- Eastern Lowland Gorillas : Congo Gorilla Safaris

A visit to trek Eastern gorillas is always part of almost every  traveler heading to Democratic republic of Congo’s kahuzi Biega national park located in the Eastern part of Congo ( south Kivu)  which is the second home for the Endangered Eastern Lowland gorillas in Africa apart form Maiko National park which is not open for congo safaris.

My question is how can you miss out that world’s wild greatest treasure? Although Mountain gorilla trekking in Virunga mountains of Uganda, Rwanda & Congo ( with the special offer 1 Day Mountain Gorilla trekking Virunga ) which requires more active participation compared to Eastern Lowland Gorilla safaris, it is worth it because it is the greatest Gorilla safari experience you can ever discover from the jungles of Central Africa in Democratic republic of congo. For those already preparing to take on this magnificent challenge, find the most reliable 1 Day gorilla trekking congo or the long Congo Safari tour to explore both the Mountains & Eastern Lowland gorillas in the Wilderness of Congo Forests. Visit the Special apes in Kahuzi Biega National park on 1 Day Eastern lowland Gorilla Trip tailored by Congo Gorilla Safaris.

Detailed Travel plan for 1 Day Eastern Lowland Gorilla trekking – Congo Gorilla Tours.

After Early morning breakfast at your hotel in Bukavu and have a packed lunch ready from your hotel, the driver guide will arrive at your hotel at 7;00am and start to drive to Kahuzi Biega National park which is the top destination known for eastern lowland gorilla trekking in the eastern congo part from the Maiko National park that  is not yet opened for Tourism activities in Democratic republic of Congo.

The Journey from Bukavu town to Kahuzi Biega National park takes around 1 hours and you will arrive at the park for briefying as your enjoying the Coffee. After you will drive for the next few minutes depending on the direction of the gorilla group that your visiting for the gorilla trekking , then enter into the jungle forest and once found you will stay with the gorillas for a max of 1 hour if your for gorilla trekking then for those of gorilla habituation , you will stay with the lowland gorillas for a max of 4 hours as your taking photos, watching them play with their young ones and feeding. later ascend back to the park headquarters for a transfer back to Bukavu town at your hotel.

End of 1 day Eastern Lowland gorilla trekking tours.

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