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Congo Gorilla permits,  Discounted Gorilla permits, Congo gorilla trekking  & Safaris.

Find the complete answers about the congo gorilla permits like the cost , when is discounted permits and how to secure the gorilla permit in congo. Congo gorilla safaris is offering the reliable & authentic information about the congo gorilla permits for kahuzi biega gorilla trekking and Virunga Gorilla permit for mountain gorilla trekking in the wilderness with Virunga Foundations on discounted , save 200$$$ during the gorilla trekking for low season.

When planning for gorilla trekking adventure in Congo, the most first requirement is the gorilla trekking permit which is essential for gorilla safaris in Africa . Democratic republic of congo is known to be the home for mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas in the world and its ranked as the best destination for gorilla watching in Africa.

Many travelers planning to come to Congo for gorilla trekking must secure the gorilla permits to ensure that they are sure of participating in gorilla trekking in either Kahuzi biega national park or Virunga National Park/ Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Congo gorilla safaris has decided to bring information on how to secure the gorilla permit / how to book the gorilla permit in Congo. Not only the gorilla trekking permit but also the mount nyiragongo hike permit in Virunga National park.

Lets start with the Eastern lowland gorilla Permits:

When your planning for a gorilla trekking tour to visit the eastern lowland gorillas in the wilderness of Kahuzi biega national park , start by securing the the gorilla permit which is very virtual for being allowed by Kahuzi Biega ( ICCN) officials to allow you enter into the jungle forest to search for the gorillas. As its well known that Kahuzi biega national park has over 6 gorilla groups open to be visited by travelers. There is a simple difference between the gorilla trekking permit and the gorilla habituation permit, the start point is the cost and the time you will spend with the gorillas in the wilderness.

Gorilla permits costs USD 400 and you will spend with the gorillas one hour watching them as they play and feed in the wilderness african jungle yet for the gorilla habituation permit it costs USD 600 and you will stay with the gorillas for four hours from the time you have seen them .  Congo Gorilla permits can be booked through Congo gorilla safaris the leading Congo safari company offering Eastern Lowland gorilla tours in the wilderness .

Mountain gorilla permit for Virunga National Park . The most ultimate gorilla trekking destination is virunga mountains and in democratic republic of congo is Virunga National Park that is the home for the mountain gorillas , all Gorilla trekking in the virunga will require you to have the gorilla permit and it can be booked again through Congo gorilla safaris which is a reliable safari company . Although the democratic republic of congo under the virunga foundations ( Virunga National Park ) do offer promotional discounts on gorilla permits for travelers that have planned gorilla trekking in the wilderness of Virunga Mountains. The Gorilla permit to Congo costs USD 400 but now we are having a promotional price of 200USD from mid October 2016 to Mid December 2016. Once you book the gorilla trekking safari during this time you stand the chance to enjoy the discounted price at the most competitive rate of Congo gorilla safaris.

Nyiragongo Hike Permit: The nyiragongo volcano hike permit is available for all travelers at only USD 300 for the day hike and it excludes Meals during the overnight stay and travelers must come with their own food.

All the above permits can be booked on first come first serve and tourists are encouraged to book them in advance to avoid being disappointed .

Congo gorilla safaris will be ready to help you and book the safari activities that you would like to enjoy while in democratic republic of congo for a safari vacation.

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