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Gorilla Habituation in Virunga National Park

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Gorilla Safari Tours

Virunga National Park mountain gorilla habituation.

Research has showed  that Democratic republic of congo has the largest number of mountain gorillas among the virunga Ranges although most of these gorillas are wild gorillas and not open for trekking except the 9 gorilla families which are used to people and are open for trekking and gorilla Habituation safaris in Virunga National Park congo.

The exercise involves visiting a selected family of wild gorillas every day until it gets used to these researchers. With time, all gorilla individuals are identified in terms of their sex, age and later given names. Once researchers are confident enough that these gorillas can be visited by tourists, they conduct a mock exercise/trips for six to eight months. Once this is successful, then the habituated family is opened for tourism.

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